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Buy Legitimate Documents .Our Privacy Policy On (Buy driving license, Buy passports, Buy residence permits, buy id cards)

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The Data We Collect from You


Our customer service consultants will normally ask for your personal information. Apart from that, they are not allowed to ask for sensitive information such as your credit card details, your or your bank account details. The personal information they collect from you involves biometric data such as your names, you date of birth, your photo, your finger prints and so on. However, you can be sure that for over ten years of operation, we have not given out our clients information to any third party for any reason. We keep your information confidentially and only get to use it for the purpose for which it is to be used. This means that we only use it to produce your documents.

Cookies and Sessions | How long we keep your data?

Of course we shall expect you to use your personal computer or your phone to send us your information. however, if you have to apply from a public place, please make sure you close your pages  before leaving. This is such that your information does not stay on the computer for the next user to read it out. Also, at our end, we do not keep clients information for more than two weeks on our server. Here we make sure that we keep our client’s identities confidential. You can be sure of that.

Real & Fake Documents

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Buy Registered Documents