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There are several ways to obtain a new birth certificate, but when you order your birth certificate with your request is reviewed by experts and checked for errors before it is filed. This not only hastens the process of getting your birth certificate but also saves you the potential time and frustration of re-filing documents through the mail.

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Where Can I Get My Birth Certificate?

Getting your birth certificate . Replacing vital documents can be a huge hassle, especially through traditional mail. Obtain a birth certificate through the local government in your place of birth, but the hall of records or county clerk in your hometown may not be able to provide expedited service or shipping if you need your birth certificate in a hurry.

That’s why it’s simpler and ultimately more cost effective to order your birth certificate online with; we’re not a government agency, so we work quickly to make sure our customers get what they need, when they need it.

What Are the Requirements? Buy Birth Certificate Online

When you obtain a birth certificate from a government agency by mail, you’ll have to correctly fill out several documents and mail them with a notarized sworn statement and a check to pay the copy fee. There’s no way to check the process of your order, and long delays in processing requests are not uncommon.

With you don’t need to worry about dealing with county bureaucrats and old-fashioned mail. It’s never been easier to order a birth certificate online, and we offer immediate processing options if you need your vital records quickly. Our order form walks you through the necessary steps and requirements for your state, and our live experts double check every aspect of your birth certificate order for errors and inconsistencies .

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Birth certification is an important record, which documents the birth of a child. It is the parent’s and hospital’s responsibility to ensure that birth is registered with the appropriate government agency. But it is reported that quite a large number of babies are not registered at birth, due to which they can be deprived of several vital things in life. Right from taking admission in school, to prove their age, nationality and to inherit property, birth certificate is required. 

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There are several occasions when birth certificate is required to fulfill the essential formalities. Whether you have to enrol children in school, obtain a passport, apply for marriage certificate or wish to avail a social security card, a birth certificate is required in every occasion. Unavailability of birth document can deprive you from many of your rights and thus, we have come as a big respite for all of you, who are missing birth certificate. We provide you with genuine and original looking birth certificates that will fit your needs and solve your problem.

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